Detoxification Treatment in India

A body which holds on to toxins is a storehouse of ailments and poor health. Normally in our body the liver and kidneys remove the toxins on a regular basis but with age and poor eating habits, the metabolism becomes sluggish resulting in the accumulation of toxins making you sick.

Alternative medicine helps stimulate the liver to get rid of these toxins and relieve you of your ailments through the use of natural treatments and herbal medicines. Yoga has a number of asanas which detox the body and improve digestion by increasing the metabolism. Regular practice of these poses helps in balancing the hormones, increasing energy, helping lose weight and de-stressing while detoxifying the body, by stimulating the circulation of blood in the stomach and body. Ayurveda therapy of Panchakarma cleanses the body making it feel vibrant and totally rejuvenated. It is ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification therapy which comprises of five therapies called Vamana(loosens and mobilizes toxins), Nasya(removes toxins from head and neck), Basti(cleans the colon), Virechana(cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract) and Raktamoskshana(cleanses the blood) which together help remove deep rooted stress and disease causing toxins from the body. This therapy is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. It is effective for treating disorders like fever, diabetes, asthma, skin problems, digestive disorders, gynaecological problems, allergies, obesity, psychological disorders, backache, sciatica, sexual debility, infertility, eyesight problems, migraine etc. The treatment is effective only when accompanied with a special detoxification diet recommended by an ayurveda expert.


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