Digestive Disorders Treatment in India

Digestive disorders are related to the stomach digestive tract. The digestive system works continuously throughout the day to nourish the body and give energy. When the food is not digested properly it can lead to indigestion and a lot of stomach problems. The root cause of most of the diseases is inefficient digestion.

There are a lot of factors responsible for stomach problems. Inappropriate eating habits and diet is one of the major reasons behind it. Some of the symptoms of digestive disorders are bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting etc. Some of the common digestive disorders are acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, piles etc.

There are a lot of allopathic medications which can give you temporary relief from your problem but can’t cure it permanently, also they all have side effects and long term repercussions. Therefore it is better to adopt natural treatments for the stomach problems. Some of the simple things one can do for better digestion are- chew food properly, drink lot of water, eat lot of dietary fiber and eat your food timely. The practice of certain poses in yoga such as- trikonasana, paschimottanasana, pavanamuktasana etc. aide in digestion. Yoga couples the exercises with rhythmic breathing which activates the life force and clears the body of toxins. Ayurveda recommends a number of herbs such as green tea, ginger, turmeric, aloe vera, amla juice, lemon water etc. and has specific treatments such as massages and herbal medicines for an efficient digestion.

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