Naturopathy in India

Naturopathy treatment: A holistic and non invasive form of natural healing

In today’s fast and hectic life, the environmental pollution, modern technology, poor eating habits and work stress are wreaking havoc in our lives creating various disorders. Lack of time forces us to resort to conventional treatments which make us recover quickly and temporarily but do not remove the problem from its roots; as a result we don’t feel energetic. The ideal choice in this situation should be to take a naturopathy treatment which is a natural and safe treatment which eliminates the aliment from its roots and rejuvenates us. Naturopathy is a very old form of treatment which believes in the healing power of nature. It strongly believes that there is a healing energy within every human being which helps them in healing and maintaining the health on its own. It is a form of alternative medicine which recommends only natural remedies to stimulate the body’s inherent healing ability. It combines nature with modern science recommending non invasive techniques and therapies which include traditional healing methods for holistic healing of the individual. Naturopathy treatment can be taken simultaneously with the conventional treatment.

Naturopathy in India - Wellness Tourism in IndiaNaturopathy treatment can be taken either for a particular problem or a chronic problem which doesn’t cure with the conventional treatment or simply for the improvement of overall health. Naturopathy is believed to be effective for diseases like arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, muscle pain, digestive disorders, skin disorders, stress, fatigue, cough, cold, flu, menstrual problems etc. Naturopaths do not simply treat the ailment but search for the cause behind the ailment and get rid of it from the root. The naturopathic doctor uses methods like fasting, nutrition, water, exercise, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, bio- resonance, ozone- therapy, colon hydrotherapy etc. for the treatment of the patients in a natural way. The naturopathic doctor believes in the fact that prevention is better than cure and treats the whole person, taking all aspects of a patient’s being into consideration such as the patient’s condition, his medical history, his diet and lifestyle etc. The naturopath teaches the patient self-care thus empowering him to take responsibility of his own health in future, stressing on the need to give the body a chance to heal on its own.

Naturopathic medicine follows the below given principals of naturopathy to treat its patients-

  • It believes in the healing power of nature that is the body’s inherent power to heal on its own. Naturopathy just assists it in doing that.
  • Naturopathy believes in the holistic treatment of the individual. It believes in restoring health in a complete sense.
  • It focuses on gentle noninvasive methods that don’t just relieve the symptoms but target the cause of the problem.
  • It identifies and treats the cause of the ailment rather than the symptoms.
  • It emphasizes on preventive care.

Kerala and Rishikesh are the wellness capitals of the world where naturopathy treatment is given to the clients through a variety of methods which include homeopathy, acupuncture, colonic enemas, nature cures, color therapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, ayurveda, yoga, massage therapy, meditation, hydrotherapy, blood analysis, etc. Naturopathy aids good health by helping create a healing internal and external environment making you feel good from inside.

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