Rejuvenation in India

The quest for rejuvenation has been an eternal one. From times in memorial human beings have been searching for different means to rejuvenate their lives. The search to look, feel and appear younger continues to this day. These days the long hours at the sedentary jobs, the erratic and unhealthy eating habits, the levels of pollution around us and the hectic pace of life make it even more necessary to take a break and go for a rejuvenation therapy.

Rejuvenation in India - Wellness Tourism in IndiaTaking advantage of this fact several rejuvenation clinics have cropped up all over the world which cater to cosmetic surgeries and anti-ageing procedures such as thermage skin tightening, coolsculpting, fraxel skin rejuvenation, botox treatments, mesotherapy, stem cell treatment etc. to make you look younger. These are all cosmetic procedures which will make you look younger externally for a short while. But what about the internal ageing? How will you rejuvenate that? For vitality people go for hormone treatments, but they also have their side effects. They are all short term quick fixes. For a holistic rejuvenation experience one has to adopt more natural ways such as ayurveda, meditation, aromatherapy and yoga which heal and refresh you from inside. India is fast becoming a favorite destination for rejuvenation therapies .It has some of the best rejuvenation clinics where some of the world’s best ayurveda and yoga therapies are administered under the expert guidance and supervision of qualified and experienced professionals. These treatments are very cost effective and are attracting a lot of foreigners each year. All the treatments and therapies given in these rejuvenation clinics are done with natural products in a very natural and soothing environment. A number of wellness resorts and spas all over India offer these rejuvenation services. Most of these resorts are located in the scenic cool climes of the hills or at the outskirts of the cities over sprawling lush green pristine forests. The environment of these resorts is very peaceful and tranquil instantly lifting your spirits and enhancing your energy. After a session of these therapies you will be re-energized to get back to work and take on the world once again.

Kerala and Rishikesh have some of the most fantastic rejuvenation clinics in the world where some of the most exotic rejuvenation therapies are administered. The rejuvenation therapy involves a series of activities which include yogic therapies, meditation, ayurvedic therapies and a comprehensive diet regime which mainly focuses on the goodness of the vegetarian diet. Their massage therapies extend for days and are perhaps the best part of the treatment. The special massages are extremely relaxing and invigorating and are done with a variety of herbal oils which have medicinal values. They de-stress you and re-energize you. The ayurvedic anti-ageing facials which are herbal and suited for any skin type are very effective and make the skin glow. The wellness program can be combined with pleasure by going on a boat tour in the back waters of Kerala or white water rafting at Rishikesh which can add to the rejuvenation factor. Kerala with its captivating beauty and rich flora has a lot to offer to its tourists. More and more people are now becoming aware of the health benefits of natural therapies and endorsing them for their goodness.

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