Spine Disorders Treatment in India

The spine is made up of spinal cord which is made up of discs. With age these discs can get degenerated and cause pain and discomfort and reduce your movement. The spine can also get damaged due to stress, wrong posture and lack of exercise, high impact injuries, arthritis or some other disease. Some of the spinal disorders are ankylosing spondylitis, bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, cervical arthoplasty, facet disease, foraminal stenosis, herniated disc, spondylosis etc.

Though analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines are given to reduce the pain and improve the movements and flexibility but more effective and harmless methods are the natural methods and treatments to manage the spine disorders. Chiropractic, exercise, stress management, massages, yoga are some of the natural ways that help in reducing the back pain to a large extent. Ayurvedic treatments for spine disorders are very beneficial, have no side effects or associated disorders and are cost effective with complete recovery. There are some very good ayurvedic massages which rejuvenate you and show some visible results when done on a regular basis. Some of the ayurvedic herbs are also known to bring relief in pain and reduce inflammation in spine disorders. Practice of yoga can keep your spine healthy and fit. Yoga has some specific postures such as the shavaasana, matsyasana, salabhasana that are suitable for relief from back pain.

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