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Wellness spa for a complete rejuvenation of the mind and soul

Spa Retreats in India - Wellness Tourism in IndiaWellness spa is the most popular form of rejuvenation preferred by wellness enthusiasts today, all over the world. For ages now people have been travelling to countries far and wide for spa treatments to cure their ailments and for physical and spiritual purification and rejuvenation. With the increasing awareness of their benefits the health and wellness spa are becoming more and more popular. These days there are a large variety of spa resorts and spa hotels, the most popular being the day spa which is a kind of beauty salon and the destination spa which is a resort which offers personal care services. The day spas offer services for beauty treatments such as skincare and facials, massage therapies, Ayurveda, waxing, hairstyling etc. The skincare treatments are very effective and refreshing with immediate visible results.

Wellness Spas in India are known for their customized massage therapies done under the guidance and supervision of the experts and by licensed and most experienced masseurs. Most wellness spa offer a variety of different massage therapies such as deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, de-stress massage, muscle therapy, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, reflexology massage etc. These massages help in de-stressing and harmonizing the body and mind. A regular Ayurveda massage calms your nerves by easing tension, tones and strengthens the entire body system as it increases the blood circulation in the body. It benefits people who suffer with back pains, arthritis, poor circulation, stress, anxiety, osteoarthritis, insomnia, depression or tension.

The skincare services at the wellness spas claim to de-stress your skin making it youthful and glowing .An Ayurvedic beauty and detox facial done by an expert would be worth trying. It involves a gentle and relaxed facial massage paying attention to the pressure points to de-stress you followed by a steam, facial wrap and a facial wash with aromatic rose milk.

Wellness Spa resorts and their offerings

The wellness spa centers give excellent and affordable spa services such as fitness centers, personal trainers, day spa services, wellness centers, skin care, nail salons, massage therapy, tanning salons, Ayurveda etc. Some of the alternate services available are also provided such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Acupressure etc. All these spa retreats have dedicated and qualified staff with years of experience, who through their amiable and warm hospitality make you feel comfortable and at home. The Ayurveda services provided by these wellness spas are under the expert guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor who recommends a therapy only after a detailed assessment of your body constitution. The Ayurvedic therapies help build your immunity by eliminating toxins from the body and by enhancing its energy, strength and vitality.

The wellness spa resorts are generally located in serene and peaceful locations which ensure the complete rejuvenation and revitalization of your body and soul. They offer luxury services in the most amazing environment which are sure to stimulate your senses and transport you to a new place and feeling altogether. Kerala and Rishikesh have some of the best spa retreats in the world with the most charming environment. The services offered at these places are par excellence and include a huge variety of packages to choose from. The restorative and relaxing therapies of these wellness spas are therefore essential for the wellness of your body and mind and to rejuvenate, recover and escape from the hectic lifestyle that we are living in these days.

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