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Best Yoga retreats in India

Since Yoga is an institution born in India, a lot of yoga enthusiasts come to experience the best yoga retreats in India. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which has its origin in India. It is a journey to find your inner self. No matter what your age or the fact that you have never practiced yoga before, it is easy to learn and practice. It has a lot of health benefits which are hard to ignore. It increases stamina, tones body, improves balance, flexibility, posture and immune system and strengthens bones. Its deep breathing exercises relax and rejuvenate and lower stress levels. Yoga meditation exercises provide an improved sense of concentration and inner peace. Some of the chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease get immense benefit from yoga. Yoga also helps in reducing and maintaining weight.

Different form of Ayurveda yoga offered in yoga retreat in India

Yoga Retreat in India - Wellness Tourism in IndiaThere are different types of yoga and you have to choose the right one for yourself. This should be done under the expert guidance of a yoga instructor who will analyze your requirement and suggest the right type of yoga for you. The most popular types of yoga are- Hatha yoga which focuses on slow and gentle movements; Ashtanga yoga also called power yoga is very physically demanding form of yoga suited for those who want to work out; Anusara yoga focuses on poses which benefit the heart; Vinyasa yoga which is a favorite has very flowing poses; Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and uses a lot of props such as cushions, blocks, harness etc.; Bikram yoga is practiced in a room at 95-100 degree temperature and involves 26 poses. It focuses on stretching the muscles and flushing out the toxins; Kriya yoga is a meditation technique which focuses on the spiritual growth of the individual.

If you want to escape your busy urban lifestyle and spend a few days relaxing healing and practicing yoga in tranquility then India is the best destination you can think of. India has some of the best yoga retreats in the world. The yoga retreats India offer very promising yoga and meditation or Ayurveda yoga packages to suit your need and budget. Most of them are located in serene locations far from the cacophony of city life to maximize the experience and some of them even offer luxury services for those clients who require them. Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world and has the largest number of world class yoga and meditation retreats where yoga courses are taught under the able guidance of highly qualified yoga gurus by the serene river Ganga. In Kerala you can get the most fabulous Ayurveda treatments along with the yoga sessions at the yoga retreat themselves. Some of the yoga sessions at Goa are held by the cool and pleasant breeze of their quiet and tranquil beaches. You might have to make your bookings for the yoga retreat in advance to ensure the availability when you arrive.

Most of these yoga retreat also offer yoga teacher training programs for those people who want to gain knowledge and expertise in this field. They offer both beginner and advanced level yoga teacher training to the learners. The students are given deep understanding of the yogic principles along with practical experience by some of most experienced and knowledgeable yoga gurus. Learning and practicing yoga at the yoga retreat in India can be an unforgettable experience.

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